Friday, January 21, 2011

Transformational Work

                   We are made of energy.
                  Transformation means:
         Transforming our rate of vibration

                   to a higher frequency.
 Our habitual reactions are a product of our past conditionings.
They are automatic and our response to anything that touches them is “predictable”.
The mind reacts to a situation according to our programmed beliefs.
We are offended, become negative violent,or depressed and “predictable”.
Being slaves of our feelings and social conditioning is a pathetic way to live.
We are not only accustomed to being in this state of slavery,
but we justify and defend it.   
Automatic functioning is a trained response to life it destroys aliveness.

Knowing and being are totally different worlds.
Someone may be good at their profession, yet very easily disturbed, angered, or insulted, which means their emotions are totally without freedom.
A program does what it’s programmed to do. 
We become de-pressed, dis-eased, exhausted or bored with life.
It stops us seeing what's possible.
So it stops transformation.

You must clear past painfull emotions.
Emotional pain and negativity is stored in the body the same way as pollutants.
Ignoring them and thinking positive does not last long.
Does not release dense vibrations.
And reconfirms failure because we will attract the same experiences.
The more we clear the clearer we are.    
It presents possibilities that can guide us away from destruction towards transformation.

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